Epson 4880 Encoder Spring


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This in an Encoder Strip Spring for all Epson 4880 Based Garment Printers, like the DTG Viper, Neoflex, Melco G2, Fast T Jet, FlexiJet and more.


Cleaning the encoder strip
• The Encoder Strip is read by an optical sensor at the back of the Printhead Carriage. This is how the printer detects the printhead’s position

• If ink or other debris sticks to the Encoder Strip it could cause a variety of issues.

• The first step in cleaning the encoder strip is to release the print carriage and power the printer off at the control panel. After that, mix 1:1, distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.

• Wet a lint-free cloth with the mix and pinch the encoder strip on both sides and firmly but not forcefully clean the encoder strip by moving back and forth along the length of the strip. Move the carriage out of the way as needed to reach the entire strip from end to end.