GPI High Viscosity Storage Solution for Garment Printers


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220ml Bag
220ml Cartridge

This high viscosity storage solution is perfect for any garment printer that is in need of storage or in the process of shipping.  GPI High Viscosity Storage solution is specially formulated to keep your print head, maintenance station and everything that touches ink, lubricated and air tight.

Just using cleaning solution can be harmful to your print head and maintenance station with all the evaporation and leaving your printer dry is not much better.  If you plan on storing your printer away or not using it for a period of more than one week or even preparing it for sale and shipment, use the GPI Storage solution to be assured it will be fully operational when it's ready to be filled with ink again.

This solution comes in Gallon and liters sizes for bulk printers or refilling cartridges and bags.  We also have it in a convenient bag for Anajet mP5, mP10, Ricoh Ri3000 and Ricoh Ri6000 printers. 

Below is a video on refilling a cartridge