GPI White ink Replacement Cartridge for Epson F2000 F2100 600ml T725A


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Our own compatible cartridges for EPSON UltraChrome Direct to Garment Printers are formulated to deliver the highest performance with even greater image quality, highly accurate color reproduction and superior print longevity,

GPI Direct to Garment inks are manufactured to the highest standards specifically for EPSON's SureColor F2000 F2100 Printer.

This ultra premium Direct to Garment ink also provides exceptional durability and allows you to print on multiple fabric types, both light and dark. Achieve sharper and more precise images with our Direct to Garment inks and since it's so incredibly close to the original, there's no need to change the color profile or flush the lines, it's Plug & Print just like the original. Also, with GPI inks, you do not need to choose Slot 1 or Slot 2 with the white ink, they are interchangable.

GPI ultra premium ink is Made in the USA for outstanding quality and performance you can count on.

The Savings are AMAZING. You could almost buy another printer with the amount you save

It takes 6 cartridges total to fill your Epson F2000/F2100.

Epson Ultra Chrome Ink costs $217.00 per cartridge
6 cartridges x $217.00 = $1302.00 + Shipping

GPI Brand F2000 F2100 Ink Ink costs $145 per cartridge
6 cartridges x $145.00 = $870.00 FREE Shipping

YOU SAVE $432.00 per set of ink

If you buy 12 cartridges per month, you SAVE $864 per month – that’s $10,368 per year