Removing the Pressure Foot on a Embroidery Machine

Osman Bayrak

How do you remove the pressure foot on a commercial embroidery machine?

The best way is to watch a training video like this on removing a pressure foot on a commercial embroidery machine.  Where can I get a pressure foot for a embroidery machine? Who caries parts for these commercial embroidery machine?  You usually contact your salesman with questions on embroidery machine part prices or buying a embroidery machine part.  Hopefully this video could help you do your own embroidery service on your machine.  An embroidery technician could walk you through the process because this embroidery repair is similar to Tajima, SWF, HAPPY and Toyota embroidery machines.

Where can I find Machine Embroidery parts?

There are very few independent embroidery machine part dealers out there.  However there are very common embroidery parts available like trimmers, wipers, reciprocators, rotary hooks, etc.  Of course you are always looking for the best embroidery machine parts for the best price.  There is such a need for affordable machine embroidery parts to help embroiderers be more profitable and competitive.  Do a search on Google for a company that stocks parts for Tajima, Barudan, Toyota, Brother, Happy, SWF and all industrial machines.