Setting up Ink Cartridges on the Texjet ShorTee Garment Printer


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- Always keep inks/cleaners/coatings and cartridges out of the reach of children.

- Do not drink inks/cleaners/coatings. Keep away from food and drink, wash hands before eating, drinking, smoking. Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice.

- When handling inks/cleaners/coatings make sure to wear gloves complying with EN 374. Wear safety glasses or coverall chemical splash goggles. Lightweight protective clothing and safety shoes are recommended.

- Avoid skin, eye and clothing contact with inks/cleaners/coatings. If it gets on your skin flush skin with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. In case of eye contact, remove contact lens and rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids for at least 15 minutes. Get medical advice.

- Dispose of in accordance with local regulations or with European Directives on waste and hazardous waste. Prevent inks/cleaners/coatings from entering drains. Do not discard into any sewers, into any body of water, or on the ground.

- Do not refill the cartridges while they are inserted into the printer. First remove them from the printer and then proceed to the refilling procedure.

How to fill and refill the cartridges

  1. Open the cartridge cover

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  2. Remove cartridges from the slots by unlocking the cartridge clips 
  3. Remove all the rubber seals (Ink Plug)

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  4. Use the funnels provided with the printer to fill the cartridge with its respective ink. Fill up slowly with ink. There is no MIN or MAXIMUM mark on the cartridge. Ensure that the cartridge is always filled with ink.

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  5. After filling up with ink, put the rubber seal (ink plug) back to its place. Make sure that the air supply rubber seal is not inserted.

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  6. Use the syringe to purge air out of the cartridge. Flip the cartridge and pull with the syringe while on the side. Don’t draw from the bottom or the top side.

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  7. The air purge has to be done only at the first time at the installation. Use the syringe with the adapter to purge air out of the cartridge. Draw on the syringe until the air chamber is filled with ink.

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  8. Reset all cartridges with the chip resetter. See in the section chip resetting procedure.
  9. Place all cartridges back in to the printer slots in the following order Y, VLM, LC, VM, C, LLK, LK, PK, MK

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Chip Resetting Procedure

There is a chip resetter for resetting the cartridges. The level of each cartridge will drop. You can reset the cartridge with the chip resetter anytime you want. It is very important to reset all the cartridges during the first installation.

Open up the cover. Take out the cartridge or cartridges that you want to reset

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Reset the chip using the chip resetter. All the pins of the resetter should make contact with the cartridge chip. Wait until the LED light turns green (green means the tank is reset).

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Close the cover and wait for a few seconds

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After resetting you get the following message. “It looks like you are using NON-GENUINE MAINTENANCE CARTRIDGES”

Instruction for “It looks like you are using NON-GENUINE MAINTENANCE CARTRIDGES” Message

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