Scaling a Custom Apparel Business: Expert Insights

Scaling a Custom Apparel Business: Expert Insights

Expert Tips to Elevate Your Business Using White Toner Transfer Printers

The apparel industry, specifically custom apparel, is dynamic, ever-evolving, and filled with potential. One of the pivotal moments for a business owner is when they decide to scale up, and this is where many seek insights and direction. The White Toner Expo 2023 brought together some of the industry's brightest minds to shed light on this exact topic. Here's a closer look at the invaluable insights shared by these seasoned influencers, particularly focusing on white toner transfer printers like Uninet's iColor printers.

1. Recognizing the Need to Scale

"Right now, I'm telling people that if they want to truly rise to that next level, they need to separate themselves from the physical labor of the business. When orders start piling up, being a one-man show isn't sustainable. You'll need extra hands to produce at volume."

Allan Wade from @adubbproductions

2. Pivoting Your Business Focus for Growth

"I lucked into a retail storefront when I was 20. While I learned many hard lessons on my own, I discovered the importance of positioning the right people in various roles. It became clear: focus on products for larger orders and occasionally pass on smaller ones."

Richard Shannon from @brandsandempires

3. Investing in Superior Equipment

"My journey began with a basic Amazon printer and a heat press. But as demand surged, the need for advanced equipment became evident. The key was investing in superior presses and tools to boost our production capacity."

Tavin Eiffel from @mrtshirt

4. Adapting to Changes and Leveraging Stock Art

"Our original business model centered around custom artwork. However, post Hurricane Katrina, we evolved. We began focusing on stock art, allowing customers to personalize designs, making them uniquely theirs."

Dane Clement

5. Stan Banks' 3 P’s to Profit

"Starting a T-shirt business is straightforward, but scaling poses challenges. Here are my 3 P's to profit:

  • Pitch: Craft your message and attract new customers.
  • Process: Efficiently manage incoming orders and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Pricing: The linchpin – ensure you're profitable because that's what fuels scaling."


Stan Banks from @tshirtsidehustle

As the custom apparel industry blossoms, there's an undeniable emphasis on leveraging technology, especially white toner transfer printers. Uninet's iColor printers stand out as an optimal choice for those looking to elevate their printing game. And while insights from experts are invaluable, having the right supplies and tools is crucial. At Garment Printer Ink, we pride ourselves on being providers of these top-tier supplies, ensuring businesses can scale effectively and efficiently.

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