Table Top Installation On A SWF Embroidery Machine

Osman Bayrak

How do you install the Table top on a commercial embroidery machine?

The embroidery machine table top is usually where your embroidery machine sits and is fastened down.  It's also a place where you put your embroidery supplies, embroidery hoops, bobbins and embroidery trimmers.  Every commercial embroidery machine has a table top including Tajima, SWF, HAPPY and Toyota embroidery machines. A table top is also necessary to do appliqué or large unfinished embroidery and help to stop the tubular arms from "Flagging" or bouncing up and down.  

What are some helpful tips to preparing fabric for appliqué on a commercial embroidery machine?

Freezer Paper
Using freezer paper (a white butcher's paper with plastic coating on one side), trace the appliqué design pieces on the paper side of the freezer paper. Note: this will be the wrong side of the design, so it will be necessary to reverse letters and other similar designs. Cut out freezer paper on the marked lines. Attach to the fabric by placing the plastic side of the paper to the wrong side of the fabric and pressing with a dry iron set on medium heat. Trim around the attached freezer paper designs leaving a 1/8" to 1/4" seam allowance.

Carefully clip the seam allowances almost up to the freezer paper on inner points and curves. Press the seam allowances over the paper side of the freezer paper. After attaching the design piece to the background fabric, make a small slit in the background fabric behind the design piece and remove the freezer paper.