How To Install The Light Fixture On a SWF 1501 Embroidery Machine

Osman Bayrak

How do you Install the Light Fixture on a SWF 1501 embroidery machine?

The best way is to watch a training video like this on installing the light fixture on a SWF 1501 embroidery machine.  Where can I get a a light for my embroidery machine?  Sometimes your best bet is to just go to Staples or light fixture store.  Many people get the arm light fixtures with a magnifying glass to help them thread their embroidery machine. Every embroidery machine comes with some kind of light including Tajima, SWF, HAPPY and Toyota embroidery machines.  

Why should I think about lighting my embroidery area or the effect light can have on embroidery thread?

The #1 selling light for the embroidery industry is halogen technology and is the logical choice for domestic or commercial embroidery machine.  halogen lights make your sewing job a whole lot easier by providing the kind of light that allows you to see the threads true color. Sewing is tough enough and you don't need to struggle to see what you are doing or end up picking the wrong color for an embroidery job. Halogen technology will provide more cool bright light (the kind of light that is easy on the eyes) while generating up to 70% less heat.