VIDEO Removing the Control Panel on the Anajet Sprint


Learn how to remove the control panel on the Anajet Sprint Garment Printer.

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(1) Remove the two Phillips (+) screws that hold the Control Panel to the printer body. These are accessed from a rectangular hole located beneath the printer. See Photo 3.2.5-1

removing control panel pic 1

(2) Remove the ribbon cable from the LCD.

(3) Remove the 2 pin connector from the LCD backlight cable.

(4) Remove the flat flex cable from the Control Panel cable.

(5) Disconnect the 2-2pin ground cables from the Control Panel.

(6) Unscrew the green and white leads from the Print Button Assembly.

(7) Unscrew the two green ground leads from the front body panel screw.

(8) Reassemble the new Control Panel by reversing the above steps.

If there is an extra ground lead, screw that on the screw that holds the ink bay cover (circled white in the photo below).

removing control panel pic 2

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