Reseat Ink Chip Holder Anajet FP125

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Issues relating to the ink chip holder will result in one or more LEDs being solidly lit on the LED board under the printer's cover. Most likely the ink chips may have moved off of their contacts and need to be reseated. It is also possible that one or more of the chips has failed.

This procedure follows many similar steps to damper replacement.ย 

Tools required: Small flat bladed screw driver and standard Phillips or crosshead screw driver. Optional: small needle nose pliers (small pliers with long thin jaw for fine work).

Follow these steps:

(1) Power down the printer

(2) Remove the two E clips holding the Damper retainer shaft in space. Be careful not to break any of the plastic components. You may use a small flat bladed screw driver or a small pair of needle nose pliers to do this.

reseat pic 1

(3) Unscrew the clamp holding the ink tubes in place, and remove the damper retainer shaft.ย 

(4) Peel back the first three sections of the tube carrier links, and lift off the damper retainer.

(5) Remove dampers 7 and 8 individually. These are the ones on the far right. Lift strait up and be careful not to damage the thin plastic membrane on the right side of each damper.

(6) Twist the other six dampers approximately one quarter turn clockwise to allow the ink chip holder to be lifted out.

reseat pic 2

(7) Use a static discharge strap. Lift off the ink chip holder and inspect it. (Do not touch the ink chips with your finger tips). If dustr or ink is on the surface of the chips, clean it off with a dry cleaning applicator.

(8) Look for and remove any debris that might prevent the ink chip holder from reseating properly.

(9) Reinsert the ink chip holder and then put dampers 7 and 8 back onto the print head.

(10) Reinstall the damper retainer making sure that back two prongs are inserted into the carriage rather than simply resting on top.reseat pic 3

(11) Reinstall the damper retainer shaft and power on.

  • If the LED board and wait light do not illuminate, the problem is resolved.
  • If the same light illuminates it is likely a faulty ink chip and the ink chip holder would need replacement. Part number 100561.
  • If a different LED or multiple LEDs illuminate, it is likely that the Ink Chip Holder was not installed properly. Check for errors. If necessary, repeat the entire above process.

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