Replacing the Wiper Blade on Anajet Epson R1900


anajet wiper blade repair


Maintenance of the Anajet Wiper Blade is essential for your printer to run properly. The function of the Wiper Blade is to clean the Print Head Nozzle Plate. A Nozzle Plate that is dirty or has not been cleaned properly will lead to clogged nozzles and a damaged Print Head.

We recommend that the Wiper Blade is cleaned at least once a week. At times it will be necessary to pull the Wiper Blade out from its sleeve in order to give it a more thorough cleaning. Be aware that CYMK ink mixes and dries a dark black color, and when dried on the Wiper Blade it will be difficult to notice.

After the Wiper Blade is removed, the dried ink can often be peeled off from the Wiper Blade like a second skin. It is essential that this kind of ink build-up be prevented.

To remove the Wiper Blade, you release the Print Head from the Maintenance Station. This can be done automatically from the printer’s Control Panel, or manually with a long Philips (+) screwdriver.

Once the Print Head is released and the Wiper Blade has been raised, insert a small Flathead (-) screwdriver between the white plastic sleeve and the Wiper Blade.

Warning: do not remove the white plastic sleeve; only remove the black rubber Wiper Blade. Also be careful not damage any of the plastic parts by using force.

It is best to insert the small flathead of the screwdriver on the left side of the Wiper Blade (the opposite side of the Waste Ink Pads). Create separation between the Wiper Blade and the sleeve by using the screwdriver to slightly expand the Wiper Blade sleeve open to unhook the Wiper Blade from the two teeth on the sleeve. With your other hand, gently pull up on the Wiper Blade.

After the Wiper Blade is cleaned, it should fit back in the sleeve easily. Make sure that the Wiper Blade is re-inserted evenly and the curved lip of the Wiper Blade is facing the Waste Ink Pads and the Ink Bay. Once the Wiper Blade is in and is level, pull up on it gently. If the Wiper Blade stays in place, it has been re-inserted properly.

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