Draining the waste ink container on the Anajet

customerNovember 12, 2013

Waste ink is collected in the Waste Ink Tank located inside the printer below the Maintenance Station. When the Waste Ink Tank is full the printer will beep once and the LCD control panel will display the message WASTE INK FULL / PLEASE DRAIN. The Waste Ink Tank must be emptied when the Waste Ink Sensor is triggered, the Waste Ink Tank is full, or once per month whichever comes first.

Warning: The Waste Ink Tank must be emptied before transporting or shipping the printer.

Waste ink is emptied through the Waste Ink Drain by following this procedure:

Step 1: Remove the Waste Ink Drain Tube from the zip lock bag located inside on the bottom of the printer found under the left side drip foam tray.

Step 2: Insert the Waste Ink Drain Tube into the Waste Ink Drain, on the outside right-side of the printer under the Ink Bay Cartridges. Insert the other end into an appropriate container.

draining waste ink anajet

Step 3: Remove the Rubber Stopper from the vent hole on the top of the Waste Ink Tank and place it in a safe location. Waste ink will flow out of the Waste Ink Drain Tube.

draining waste ink anajet2

Step 4: If the waste ink does not drain, push the tube exiting the waste ink tank down so that the waste ink will not have to travel uphill to exit the machine. To drain the remaining ink place your finger over the rubber stopper vent hole and press down on the tank to create a gentle pumping action occasionally lifting your finger off the hole to allow air to enter.

draining waste ink anajet3

Step 5: Reinsert the Rubber Stopper by gently twisting it into the vent hole and remove the Waste Ink Drain Tube by pressing down on the release tab located on the outside Waste Ink Drain and pulling gently on the tube to remove it.

Step 6: Clean the ends of the Waste ink Drain Tube and return it to the storage area inside the printer.

Step 7: Dispose the ink according to local regulations. Do NOT discard the waste ink into the city sewer.

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