Anajet Sprint fix air in ink tubes ink lines


air in anajet sprint print lines tubes

There are two ways to classify air in the Ink Tubes.

The first scenario is air bubbles in the Tubes. If you have tiny air bubbles in the Tubes you can ignore
them. These bubbles will be smaller than the diameter of the Ink Tubes; they will not cause a problem.
These tiny air bubbles usually form in areas where the tube bends.

The second scenario is air gaps in the tubes. An air gap can be created by continuing to print while an
ink cartridge has run out of ink. Also, if an ink cartridge is missing while the Anajet is printing or
performing a Print Head Clean, air will be drawn into the tube.

To resolve this issue you will need to do one of the following:

1. Continue to print or perform a Print Nozzle Purge by Print Head from EKPrint Studio. Monitor
the air gaps in the Ink Tubes. If the air gap moves during the normal printing process or by
performing a Nozzle Purge, it will work its way into the Damper and eventually out of the
printer. You can use this process only if you are able to get the air out within a day. If the air
stays in the Ink Tube any longer than one day, it may cause the ink to dry in the Tube.
2. Perform an Ink Charge from the AnaJet SPRINT Utility. An Ink Charge will activate the pump
which will draw the air through the Tube at a much faster rate. If the air gap in the Ink Tube will
not move by printing, it’s time to use Ink Charge. It is very important that air gaps are not
ignored as ink may stop flowing and begin to clog in the area surrounding the gap.

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