Anajet Auto Maintenance Loop and lock up


There have been many people who have had problems with their Anajet Sprint going into an auto maintenance loop and locking up.  Through the forums I have seen many fixes or things to try offered.  The items below have been confirmed to help if not fix this problem.  If this problem is ongoing I believe it leads to shorting out either the mother board or the Anajet board within the machine.  Follow these steps at your own risk.

1. The chip board is grounded to the frame by a center screw and different metals. Removed the screw, sanded the copper surface lightly to remove oxidation, applies Dielectric and reconnected.

2. Removed control button panel. Removed the grounding screw. Scraped all the paint off the metal pieces involved in the ground, applied dielectric.

3. Opened the back and exposed the magnetic clutch. On the motor there is a round disc called the encoder disc. Cleaned it very thoroughly. Used alcohol and then solvent. Tough to clean.

4. Moly-lubed (automotive moly-graphite assembly lube) the runners the table runs on and straightened the metal straps that run parallel to the table guides. They have a tendency to rub, putting load on the motor, possibly causing voltage draw down, thus over-heating the motor

5. Oiled the guide the head runs on with sewing machine oil.

The machine runs very quietly. It will now go through its required maintenance, even in the middle of a print and pick right up as it is supposed to. No mis-alignments.


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