Moving your Richoh Printer Short or Long Distances

Moving your Richoh Printer Short or Long Distances

Paul Boody

In the case you may need to move your printer, whether it be changing shop locations or simply finding a better suited spot in your current building, this blog post will go over the steps required to move your printer short or long distances.

Moving the Printer - Within the Building

To move the printer a very short distance, with the printer remaining at a horizontal position, follow the below steps. 

  1. Switch off the printer main power switch on the rear of the printer.
  2. Drain the waste ink tank.
  3. Clean and drain the Left Drip Pan.
  4. Remove both the power cord and the USB cable.
  5. The ink cartridges should remain in place. Removing them may cause the ink to dry out in the ink delivery system.
  6. Install the Carriage and Table Retainers that were included with the printer. Use thumb screws to tighten the table retainers.
  7. Move the printer carefully. Keep the printer horizontal. Only move the printer on its side if it is entering a doorway.
  8. When you reach the new destination, make certain the printer is placed on a stable, sturdy and level table.
  9. Make sure the printer is level.
  10. Make sure that the new environment meets to the printer's requirements.

Moving the Printer - Short Distance

A short distance involves moving the printer by a vehicle, the travel time should not take more than an hour or two. 

If traveling through a high temperature or low humidity area, or if there is a large altitude change, replace all the ink cartridges with cleaning solution.

  1. Drain the waste ink tank.
  2. Keep the cartridges in place, do not leave without ink or cleaning cartridges in the printer.
  3. At the new location, replace the ink if needed.
  4. Perform a nozzle check.
  5. Clean the print head as needed to restore good ink flow.

Moving the Printer - Long Distance

Please contact your technical support office to walk you through this process. 

  1. Replace all ink cartridges with cleaning solution to fill the lines.
  2. Drain the waste ink tank.
  3. Power down your printer.
  4. Remove all of the cleaning solution cartridges.
  5. Restrain the print table and carriage with the retainers on print table and print carriage. 
  6. Remove both the power cord and USB cable.
  7. Package the printer in the original shipping boxes before shipping.
  8. Keep the printer level while handling and transporting.
  9. If you are shipping the printer through a common carrier, the printer box must be placed and secured on a pallet. 

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