TEXMAC SOLO Garment Printer Review

Dean Armando

TEXMAC SOLO Garment Printer

This Garment Printer was Designed and manufactured by Mastermind of Japan. This company says they have many years of experiance that allowed them to create the SOLO direct to garment printer. I can't attest to the SOLO's performance or reliability and I don't know of too many "in the field" given the few years its been available.  If you are looking to create a direct to garment printing business,  then This is still one of the machines you could look at.  The Happy Embroidery machine is a fine machine...I would expect nothing less of their printer.


This TEXMAC is built on a EPSON 4880 which is a very reliable printer.


They use VARIO RIP for their color profiles

TEXMAC ink cartridges

They use Garment Printer Ink cartridges with DuPont ink (4880 cartridges)

white INK for TEXMAC solo

and the TEXMAC SOLO uses bulk white DuPont ink and it looks like they use something similar to the WIMS system on the DTG HM1




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