Polyprint TexJet Plus Garment Printer Review

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Polyprint TexJet Plus


Polyprint TexjetPLUS Direct to Garment printer has been designed to be the most reliable and easy to use direct to garment printing system in the market.

If you are looking to produce professional digital prints directly on garments, while keeping the ink and maintenance cost down, TexjetPLUS is the ideal solution to do it.

A unique combination of hardware, software and inks, designed and produced in EU according to high quality standards, make t-shirt printing easy, fast and profitable.

TEXJET prints 30-40 white and 12-15 dark t-shirts per hour in high quality mode.

White Ink performs at its best, due to closed loop ink system which keeps the white ink fresh and clean from dust or evaporation, minimizing maintenance.

Printing houses, t-shirt retail shops, web based custom t-shirt print shops, garment manufacturers etc. in 46 countries across the 5 continents have chosen the TEXJET printers to create direct prints on garments, white, colored and dark ones using textile inks that produce vivid prints with excellent washability.

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Kayona Stewart - Mieke

I Would like some more information on the Textjet plus garment printer and the cost.

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