When anticipating extended periods of non-use of the Pearl PTM, it is critical to follow these maintenance procedures. It is required to follow these steps daily after each use of the Pearl PTM.

1. To flush the Pearl PTM, enter the Maintenance Menu by pressing the Maintenance Menu icon.

2. Remove the inlet hose from the preatment container.
3. Place a cup under the Nozzle to collect the excess pretreat.
4. Press the Pretreatment Auto Prime Button or Manual Pretreatment Prime Button until most all the
pretreatment in the hose line is clear.
5. Excess pretreatment solution can be poured back into the pretreatment container.
6. Place the inlet hose in the distilled water container.

7. Place a cup under the Nozzle to collect the distilled water.
8. Press the Water Auto Prime Button or Water Manual Prime Button to clean out remaining pretreatment
left in the hose line.
9. For extended periods of non-use it is recommended to leave distilled water in the fluid lines. This will help
with priming for the next use.
10. Turn the Nozzle Cap to remove the Nozzle.
11. Store the Nozzle in Distilled Water.


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