Replacing the Print Head on your FreeJet 330TX


Replacing the print head on your Omniprint FreeJet is a relatively easy process and should only take around 20-30 minutes to complete. You will want to place some paper towels or old t-Shirts below the Print Carriage in case any ink drips during the process. You will need the Damper replacement document to complete this process. Pay extra care when removing and installing the Ribbon Cables.

  1. Press the “Function” and “Up” buttons on the Control Panel 1 time to release the Print Head.
  2. Power the Printer off from the back.
  3. Refer to the Damper Removal/Replacement Service Document to remove dampers.
  4. Once the Dampers are all removed from the Print Head you will need to remove the Ribbon Cable holder on the side of the Print Head Carriage. To remove the holder 1 tab will need to be released with a small flat head screw driver. The second tab you will need to push or stretch open the slot to release it. Remove guide.


  5. Try and keep the Ribbon Cables together to help ease putting them back into position later.
  6. Remove the 3 screws holding the Print Head in position. You will need a #1 +head screw driver for this step.

  7. The Print Head can now be pulled straight up and out of the Carriage. To pull the head up and out hold onto the left side of the head, do not grab the post but the 2 raised walls outside of the posts. On the right side hold the Ribbon Cable. Pull t he Head up and out gently.

  8. Once the Print Head is out of the Carriage you will want to mark the ribbon cables for top and bottom. You do not want to take the out and put them back in out of order as this will damage the head and main board. Write a T on the top cable and a B on the bottom cable so they stay in order.

  9. When removing the Ribbon Cables make sure to hold the cable in the center and pull straight out. Do the same when installing the cables into the new print head.
  10. Place the cables into the new print head, push them in straight and even. Do not damage the cable ends in anyway. Make sure they are going back the same way that you took them out.

  11. Place the Print Head carefully back into the carriage. Make sure the head is sitting all the way at the bottom of the carriage and then put the 3 screws back in. Do Not Over Tighten the screws! Once you feel the screw tighten up stop, it is very easy to strip out the plastic when you over tighten.
  12. Fit the ribbon cable back into the guide and the snap the guide cover back into position.

  13. Put Dampers back in, refer back to damper removal/install document.

  14. Power printer back on. Run a prime of the ink lines followed by 2 head clean. Run Nozzle check before printing.

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