FreeJet 330TX belt replacement

FreeJet 330TX belt replacement


Belt replacement1

How to replace X Carriage Belt

  1. Start by releasing your print head to the center (command : Function + Up)
  2. Remove the screws holding the front frame bar. You will need a phillips screwdriver. You will have one screw on the left side, and Two on the right hand side. See photo below.
    Belt replacement2 Belt replacement3
  3. Remove the two phillips screws on the left bracket. Once these two screws are removed you can remove the L shape bracket. See photo below.
    Belt replacement4 Belt replacement5
  4. When the L bracket is removed you can now move the front carriage frame bar out of the way. see photo below.
  5. Start removing the screws located at the top of the frame, You will also need to disconnect the small white ribbon cables connected to the board on top. Once all the cables and screws have been removed you will be able to remove the metal piece holding the carriage up. Once this part is remove the print head carriage will fall forward. see photo below.

    Belt replacement6

    Belt replacement7

    Belt replacement8

  6. Push the small black belt retainer in, and pull out the white wheel inside along with the belt. (white circle plastic piece) and unhook the belt from the other end as well.. See photo below.

    Belt replacement9

    Belt replacement10

    Belt replacement11

  7. You can now remove the belt from behind the print head carriage, there is a specific point on the belt that needs to be set in the back. Find the area where there is teeth on both sides of the belt. The side with teeth on both sides will be inserted into the back of the head.

    Belt replacement13


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