Learn how to set up your FREEJET 330TX Garment Printer

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Learn how to set up and get going on your Freejet 330 TX garment printer.   Buy ink for your FREEJET 330TX Garment Printer Buy parts and supplies for FREEJET 330TX Garment Printer

Removing the pump on a FreeJet 330TX

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 Learn how to remove the Pump and capping station (maintenance station) on the FreeJet 320TX You can buy ink for your FreeJet here and parts here     

Loading ink on your FreeJet 320 330TX


Learn how to load nk on your FreeJet 320 330TX.  You can buy ink for your FreeJet here and parts here    

Replacing the Print Head on your FreeJet 330TX


Replacing the print head on your Omniprint FreeJet is a relatively easy process and should only take around 20-30 minutes to complete. You will want to place some paper towels or old t-Shirts below the Print Carriage in case any ink drips during the process. You will need the Damper...

Replacing the Freejet Head Cables A and B


If your head cables on your FreeJet look like this, they need to be replaced.   Move the Print Head Carriage all the way over to the left side of the printer to create slack.   Push the tab to the left to release the ribbon cable guide. Once released move the...

FreeJet 330TX belt replacement


Learn how to replace the X Carriage Belt in your FreeJet 330 TX printer.