Understanding Epson 4880 Error code 00030009

Understanding Epson 4880 Error code 00030009

Dean Armando
This is an error code for "DEBUG".

There are many things that can cause this happen. Anything from a memory overload to faulty soldering on the main board. If your machine has been running then faulty soldering is most likely not the cause. 

Power OFF the entire system (Epson, main power switch & computer) for approximately 30 minutes. This will give everything a chance to cool down and reset itself. You should not have to worry about the print head drying up in this short amount of time.

After the 30 minutes, power everything back on. If all reset properly, the Garment Printer will go into "READY" mode. 
If this error keeps coming back, the main board may have to be replaced.

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