Shaking Your White Inks for the Melco G3

  1. Every day before using the printer, you must remove and shake the cartridges. This will agitate the ink and reverse some of the settling of pigments that occurs.

    1. The printer should be off.
    2. Since the cartridges are pressurized, first remove the rubber seal to release the pressure. You may want to use a paper towel so that no ink spills or splatters onto the printer parts.

      remove rubber seal

    3. Press the release lever and slowly pull the cartridge from the slot.

      remove cartrige

    4. Replace the rubber seal to prevent the spilling of ink.

      replace rubber seal

    5. Shake the cartridge back and forth for a few seconds. This will ensure that the ink stays homogeneous.

      shaking white ink

    6. Reinstall the ink cartridge

      reinstall cartrige

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