Connecting and Starting Up the Melco G3 Garment Printer


Cable Connections


  1. Power Supply (220V-240V)* socket
  2. Network (Ethernet-LAN) connection socket
  3. USB connection socket (used for printing)
  4. USB connection socket (used only for firmware update)

Caution - For countries with 110V power network, the user must use a voltage converter (110V-220V).

Data Cable

Use the USB cable to connect the machine to the computer. To connect the printer to a USB port, you need a standard shielded USB cable. To print at full speed it is necessary to use an USB2 interface. If you use an inappropriate cable or connect peripheral devices between the printer and the computer, the connection may become unstable.

Initial Powering Up of the Printer


Before powering up the printer, make sure that:

  • All safety/shipping fixtures have been removed.
  • The tray is inside, but not all the way back.
  • No objects or tools are placed on the tray.
  • The cartridges are filled with ink and properly inserted into their respective bays.
  • White inks must be shaken for 3-5 seconds.

  1. Shake the white ink cartridges for 3-5 seconds.
  2. Press the power button.
  3. After powering up, an automatic ink charge will be initiated. Do not do anything with the printer until the initial ink charge is completed.
  4. After the initial ink charge, perform a nozzle check to confirm that all the ink channels were filled correctly. See the nozzle check section for instructions.

If the automatic ink charge is not initiated after start up, you must manually charge the inks by completing at least 3 power cleans from the printer control panel. After the power cleans, perform a nozzle check. If the nozzle check is not perfect, perform one or two more power cleans until the nozzle check is perfect. 

 Buy Ink for your Melco G3


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