Unpacking Your Melco G2 Garment Printer


unpacking warnings


Your MelcoJet G2 may have been delivered to you on a pallet, if so, you will need to first remove the printer from the pallet which may require removing bolts that clamp it down.

Also, if the printer is still boxed, you will need to remove the printer from the box, however, please keep the box for shipping purposes.

g2 unpacking 1

Removing Shipping Brackets and Securing Tape

Before you can begin using the MelcoJet G2 printer, you will need to remove the transport fixtures and securing tape. These fixtures and tape are installed on the printer to keep the table and print head from moving during shipment.  If you transport the printer to another location, you will need to re-install these fixtures and tape prior to transporting.

The following tools are needed to remove the yellow transport fixture and print head safety holder.

  • 3mm Metric Allen Wrench
  • 7mm Metric Wrench

Removing Yellow Transport Fixture for Plate Movement

To remove the yellow transport fixture, remove the screw on the front of the yellow fixture that is attached to the plate guide cover.  You will need to use the 3mm Allen wrench.

Next, pull forward on the yellow fixture and platen to move the platen out (towards you) to access the 2nd screw.  

Using the 3mm metric allen wrench and the 7mm metric wrench, remove the screw on the back of the yellow fixture that is attached to the bottom of the table.

Place the 1st screw from the fixture back into the front of the plate guide cover on the printer.

Make sure to save the yellow fixture for future shipping or movement.

Remove the securing tapes

Remove the tape that secures the ink bay cover in the up position on both sides of the Ink bays.  After removing the tape, press on both covers and lower them to expose the ink bays.

Left side view

Right side view

Remove the tape holding the waste ink tank in place.

Remove the safety holder from Print Head

Lift the top plastic cover up to gain access to the print head safety holder.

Unscrew the two screws on the metal part of the safety holder and remove the metal safety holder from the print head.  

Make sure to save the print head safety holder for future shipping or movement.

Check to make sure the print head can move freely.  To do this, press down on blue lever (shown below) to manually release the print head carriage.  If the blue lever will not depress, pull the green lever attached to the printhead just to the left of the blue lever (as indicated on the arrow on the lever).

Move the print head carriage left and right to make sure there is no obstruction. Move the print head carriage manually back to the parking position.  You will hear the print head carriage click back into place.

Close the top plastic cover.

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