Melco G2 Print Modes


There are two modes that you can print in and both function in slightly different ways.

  • Continuous Print Mode
  • Non-Continuous Print Mode (default setting)

Continuous Print Mode (F then 1 to set)

When printing a design that has an under base (for example, printing on a dark garment) this mode will print the under base pass and then immediately move to the second or "color" pass.  If you are in a high production environment or are printing a design that has a fairly light under base, then this mode may be optimal for you.  The idea is that from start to finish, the printer continues to print without any pause or stop between passes.

This setting should not be used with single-pass print jobs (no white ink).

Non-Continuous Print Mode (default setting F then 4 to set)

The default mode for printing is the non-continuos print mode.  In this mode, the printer will pause or stop between passes of white under base and color.  The purpose of the mode is to allow the operator control over how much time passes between the white under base pass and the color pass.  If you are working on a design that has a heavy under base, you may wish to allow the white a little additional time to dry while still on the printer.  With this mode, you must manually restart the second printing pass by pressing start (the green start button) between passes.


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