Melco G2 Default Printer Settings


Your MelcoJet G2 has a number of settings that can be changed from the printer control panel.  The following is the correct default settings for your printer in the event that any of the defaults are changed during use.

Access Default Settings

  1. With the printer in the ready state, press the menu/enter button.
  2. LCD will display "Printer Settings".
  3. Press the menu/enter button. This will bring you to the default settings.
  4. Press the up arrow button.
  5. Platen gap will be displayed.
  6. Press menu/enter.
  7. Ensure that "Standard" is selected.
    • If  incorrect, use the up or down arrow button to change, and press menu/enter to confirm.
  8. Press the left arrow button to exit current setting.
  9. Press the up arrow to access the next setting.
  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 for the rest of the settings listed below. 

These settings can be accessed from the menu of the printer control panel:

  • platen gap = standard
  • ink settings = exe
  • quite cut = off
  • auto cleaning = off
  • auto nozzle check = off
  • sheet size check = off
  • refresh margin = off
  • cutter adjust = exe
  • time out = off
  • paper alignment = off
  • paper size check = off
  • paper margin = default
  • code page = PC437
  • interface = auto
  • page line = off

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