Cleaning the Flushing Box on the Melco G2


g2 maintenance 1

m2 flushing caution

Waste ink and cleaning solution are deposited into the Flushing Box which then drains into the Waste Ink Tank to be stored until the tank is emptied. It is important to keep the Flushing Box and pad clean and free of dry ink deposits to allow proper drainage for waste ink and cleaning solution during the printer cleaning cycles. A clogged Flushing Box will cause waste and cleaning solution to overflow the Flushing Box and may cause some printer components to not function properly.

  1. Release the Print Head Carriage from the parked position.

  1. Clean the Flushing Box and pad by filling the Flushing Box to its full capacity with cleaning solution from the syringe. A dampened cleaning applicator can be used after adding the cleaning solution to carefully remove dried ink deposits. The ink deposits should not be forced into the Flushing Box pad but instead removed whole to avoid clogging the pad.
    m2 flushing

  1. Return the Print Head Carriage to the parked position and close the lid if no other cleaning is to be completed at this time.

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