Cleaning the Encoder Strip on the Melco G2


The Linear Encoder Strip is a clear film that is etched with a many vertical lines that are read by an encoder sensor located on the Print Head Carriage (see picture below).

The sensor and encoder strip work together to report the position of the Print Head Carriage back to the processor on the Control Board. In order for the Print Head Carriage position sensor to report an accurate position for the Print Head Carriage the encoder strip must be clean.

To clean the encoder strip dampen a small area of a soft lint free cloth or cleaning applicator with cleaning solution or a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water mixture. Clean both the front and back surface of the encoder strip with the dampened area of the cloth by using a mild pinching force contacting both the front and back surface of the encoder strip and sliding the cloth along the strip to remove contaminates. It may be necessary to concentrate the cleaning on a specific area of the strip to remove noticeable ink droplets or heavy ink over spray.

encoder strip

With the Print Head Carriage in the parked position the majority of the full length of the strip can be cleaned. To access the remaining area of the encoder strip on the right it will be necessary to Release the Print Head Carriage and slide it to the left. After cleaning return the Print Head Carriage to the parked position and close the lid.

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