Osman Bayrak


  1. Make sure the machine is configured as an EMC10 using the information in the Operations Manual. Check the Table of contents for the page listing "Configuring the EMC10".
  2. Check the same information used in the "Off Color Index" section.
  3. Replace the Color Change Bd., after checking the Color Change Harness connection at the rear of the PCB for a good connection. Check the other end of the cable at the 4 Axis PCB. It is accessible from rear of the machine where the Interface Cable is connected. A "CC COMMAND" error may also be caused if the cable harness isn't connected correctly at either end. The other end of the harness connects to the right side of the 4 Axis PCB as if standing in front of the machine.
  4. If error still shows, reseat the 4 Axis PCB using the information in the Technical Manual that shows how to replace the PCB.
  5. If the problem persists, replace the 4 Axis PCB.