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SWF DTG Direct to Garment Printer Review

Their experience over the past 3 years has helped to build what I think is the strongest tech support in the industry.  Their dedicated staff of DTG techs can handle virtually any challenge sent their way.  Their shortest tenured tech has two years of direct to garment experience – an eternity in this marketplace.  Couple this with the vast amount of support, screen printing, embroidery, graphics and training experience they have in their direct to garment support department and no one can hold a candle to DTG after the sale.  From a sales perspective, all of their DTG techs are versatile in at least one of the other main product lines they sell, so that can be helpful regarding other SWF East products when you are speaking with them. With the introduction of the newly re-designed HM-1 C, they have the industry’s fastest printer, which now incorporates the patent pending WIMS (White Ink Management System) circulation system.  The WIMS circulation system eliminates pigment settling in the ink lines, bottle and damper, filters the ink and keeps the lines pressurized for consistent ink flow and no ink starvation.  Units they have installed at my shop have been performing flawlessly.  As this system is unique to the DTG Brand, they have everyone asking the competition if they have a circulation system.   A couple of months ago they rolled out the newest addition to the DTG line.  The DTG Viper is a whole new beast for DTG.  Based on the sturdy Epson 4880 print engine which incorporates the latest Teflon coated Epson print head, the Viper should offer consistent, heavy volume production with lower maintenance requirements than today’s direct to garment printers.  The Viper offers a print area of 16.75” x 30”+, with an innovative board system that will allow for multi-shirt printing and super sized prints.  Features of the Viper include WIMS circulation system, pressurized CMYK bulk ink system (no proprietary cartridges like the competitors), a patent pending ink evacuation system that greatly decreases fouling of the encoder and a unique belt system for enhanced print quality.  From a technical standpoint the Viper is controlled by a single DTG specific board as opposed to a series of boards as in other direct to garment printers.  This should greatly reduce troubleshooting and for someone like me to quickly get up and running.  With an aggressive price point – the Viper will be my next machine of choice. I have heard that they will also be releasing the Kiosk III to replace the Kiosk II.  The Kiosk III is being touted to set the standard for low cost direct to garment printers, incorporating the DTG WIMS system along with other DTG specific features that will attract price conscious prospects.  I know they are also in the process of re-vamping their training structure for the DTG line.  Classes will be increased to 2 days with more hands on and more in depth software and marketing instruction.  They must have learned that the better trained a DTG user is – the more likely they are to succeed.  With special incentives for customers to attend training, I think they are going to stand out even more in 2010. The future looks bright for SWF East and the DTG line of printers....... best prices on garment printer ink for Fast T-Jet, Flexi-jet, Ana-jet, IDot and many others    

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On a brighter note, I want to thank everyone for making April my best month ever.  We were flooded with orders and have received some really funny and sincere testimonials back.  Dean Dude,  you are hysterical…thank God your Ink is serious.  Everything is working great and you can expect many orders to come Dan - t-shirts n more Garment Printer Ink, I have to admit, I was a little worried buying your ink, but it worked fine.  I even mixed it with my remaining  FastINK without a hitch.  You can expect a full order from me in a minute.  The Pre Treatment offer was really smart….ya can't beat that deal. Monty M GF Imprints Hey Dean, Thanks for making me feel bad about my mullet.  You said you wanted a referral..well, here it is.  I have used this ink in both of my Fast T-Jets and extremely happy.  For one…I get the same results….two….IT SAVES ME MONEY!!!.  Your two free liters of Pre Treatment offer put it over the edge, however the price alone was enough to make me switch.  Shipping was fast, it was packed nice and of course your top notch service!  I have no problem recommending your INK to anyone. PS. Can I shampoo my Ferret with it?? Johnny Ingalls Blue Ferret Signs   --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy one complete set of CMYK inks (yellow, magenta, cyan and black) and get TWO free liters of pre-treatment! ($50 value).....(Go to the Fast T-Jet Ink Special) How about an AWSOME deal on White Ink…..Buy 2 Liters of White Ink and get $20 OFF your order (call in orders only..631-858-0114)   Our Ink is compatible with: Fast T-Jet direct to garment printers Fast T-Jet 3 Fast T-Jet 3 Plus Fast T-Jet Blazer Fast T-Jet Blazer Express Flexi-Jet digital garment printers I know you have me at 631-858-0114                   And don't forget about my world renowned embroidery repair training DVD's (ok, the world's only embroidery repair training DVD's) that can be found on www.embroiderytraining    

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