Fixing Error 0xF3 on the Epson P600 Katana Encoder Wheel

Fixing Error 0xF3 on the Epson P600 Katana Encoder Wheel

Dean ArmandoJuly 31, 20181 comment
Epson P600 encoder error OxF3
TECH TIP: Check your encoder wheel pulley tension. A loose pulley belt can easily cause the sensitive, high speed encoder wheel to skip steps during certain print resolutions, which will result in error 0xF3 on the Epson module.
1. Remove the side cover panel, on the side of the module opposite the capping station.
2. Tap the encoder wheel belt – there should be very little movement, as it needs to be relative tight to keep up with the wheel rotations. If there is any play in the belt, proceed to the next steps.
3. Take note of the two screws which hold the drive gear in place – one is a pivot / set screw, and the other allows for a certain amount of movement, once it is loosened.
4. Loosen both screws slightly – DO NOT remove, all the way.
5. Pull the drive gear to tighten the belt, simultaneously tightening both the pivot / set and adjustment screws.
Once completed, the encoder wheel drive belt should be nice and tight!

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