Testing the amount of Pretreatment you use


So here is what I do to TEST different shirts. (like if I'm trying out a new one or a customer requests a shirt I haven't tested and I have time to test it)
· I take the shirt and using heat tape divide it into three sections
· I spray each section with pretreatment is different amounts and cure it
· I print the same design or my test lines in all three sections and cure that, usually that’s all I need to do to get an idea of how much pretreat to put down
4th step would be to wash the shirt twice. I do this mostly on new poly blends or poly sweatshirts because immediate print can be deceiving.

Pretreatment Test 1

Pretreatment Test 2

When spraying a shirt you really want to go for consistent full coverage in an area. You can make a template out of a cardboard sheet with a 16x20 open cut out area to control over spray.
Standing a certain distance away and going from left to right and up and down WITHOUT soaking it is hard. It's all about the spray coming out of the nozzle, the distance away and angle of the shirt.

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