Buying a Garment Printer that prints white ink, Pros and Cons

Bambri Collaborator

Printing with white ink on a Garment Printer - pros and cons

Digital t-shirt printers have forever changed the way that we view t-shirt decoration.  Once you have decided to buy a digital t-shirt printing machine you are faced with not only a brand decision of whether you want and/or need the ability to print on dark garments.  Do you buy a DTG printer that uses white ink or not?

There are several pros and cons to printing with white ink.  They range from the cost of the actual output, to the added maintenance to the learning curve.  When you boil it all down, the decision to use white ink is really based on the market you will be addressing, your willingness to learn and your expectations of return on your investment.  Buying a direct to garment printer with white ink can be a great boost to your business – if the pros outweigh the cons.

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