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Are your inks any different than the ink I'm using now???

GPI inks are DuPont Artistri 5000 water based pigment inks. This is usually the ONLY ink offered by the distributors.  DuPont is now the industry standard ink for Epson based Garment Printers.  

Again, This is DuPont Artistri ink....Not another brand, not another formula........not brewed in the bathtub.

Will your ink clog my print heads??

GPI Inks will perform as well or better than other water based pigment inks for garments used in Epson based printers. Any ink can cause clogs if not properly maintained and with proper printer maintenance, GPI Inks will give you perfect results time and time again.

Do I need to flush my Direct to Garment printer to prepare for the new GPI Inks?

If you have a bulk ink system and are unsure if you were or are using DuPont inks, simply flush the inks with distilled water (or if the print head is clogged - use cleaning solution and make sure it is clear before adding new ink). Run the printer's long cleaning cycle, often called a power clean. If cleaning solution is used, which is your best bet for the first cleaning cycle, follow it by a cleaning cycle of distilled water. After running several cleaning cycles, empty the waste tank and load the new inks normally. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (or is that manure?...I forget)

Are there any special maintenance required to maintain the printer using the new GPI Ink?

No. Maintain the printer the same as you would with any direct to garment inks, by following the manufacturer's instructions.

A couple of Hints: Daily.... make sure the capping station and wiper blade are lint free and clean of any dried or gummy ink. If the printer will be unused for more than a day or two, flush out the ink with distilled water to protect the print head.  Monthly flushing of the cartridges, lines, dampers, and print head with distilled water is a wise precaution against a clogged print head with all garment inks.

Are GPI Inks suitable for DIY garment printers and other Epson based direct to garment printers?

Yes, GPI Ink is DuPont Artistri ink and it's the industry standard. If you have successfully made a garment printer using an Epson print head,  you are in luck (and a bit off yer rocker). Even if you are using a cartridge based machine that is using refillable cartridges, GPI ink is the affordable ink for you.

Remember, As long as your printer and print head can accommodate water based garment inks…you can use GPI ink.

Are their curing recommendations for GPI Inks?

GPI Inks must be cured by the application of heat and evaporation of moisture in order to achieve a proper cure and excellent color retention after washing.

Dwell time in a heat press when the CMYK image is printed on 100% cotton- 350 F for 60 seconds, very light pressure. Use of silicon parchment paper on top of the print in the heat press is advised.
If significant steam is still coming off of the garment at the end of the cure time- increase the time or prepress the garment to remove some of the inherent moisture prior to printing.

When printing more than one layer of ink:

For CMYK plus white images, flash first for 30 seconds by hovering the heat press, then dwell time should be doubled with a garment cool down and release of steam at the halfway point when using a heat press. Or one pass through a tunnel dryer plus one pass through a heat press.

The relative humidity, ambient temperature, brand and style of cotton or cotton poly blends can affect cure time. It is recommended to perform wash tests to adjust cure time. Just be careful not to over cure.

Do you have any wash tested garments using GPI Inks?

It's DuPont Artristri Inks!!…..look at some of the shirts you have printed, that's what they look like (lol).

I see you have FREE shipping, can I get my order a faster way??

Absolutely!! When you have your item in the cart you can also use the shipping calculator on the "Edit Cart" Page to see all the different shipping methods.  We offer Overnight, 2nd day, 3 day select and everything inbetween.

How much do the Cartridges for AnaJet Machines weigh full and empty?

Empty they are about 5oz and full they are around 13oz

Do you ship internationally?

YES WE DO. We ship LOTS of ink internationally. Whether it's bulk ink or cartridge based ink, you can expect the lowest shipping costs and best prices in the WORLD…yes, the world!! 

Is garmentprinterink safe to drink?

Can I use this ink to wax my car?

Can I shampoo my cat with

Can I use this INK in my Fast T-Jet®
printer, Flexi-jet printer or DTG?


Other interesting questions:

Is your ink from China?

No. Those kids at the factory are too busy making our sneakers. Come on folks, our garment printer ink is USA made DuPont Artistri ink and is no different than what you are using now. There is no conspiracy, malicious preogitive or fraudulent's just ink that's more affordable than what you are buying now and with the same results!

Is this ink going to hurt or clog my garment printer?

Not unless you repeatedly beat your machine with a full liter of Ink. I've been in the apparel decorating industry for over 15 years and own I've pretty much dedicated my work to either helping people or saving them money. I guarantee this ink like I guarantee my Embroidery Machine Repair Training Videos.

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