Are the Flexi-Jet 800 and the 4880 the same?


The 4800 and the 4880 are identical in every way with the exception of:

Flexijet 4880 vs 800The only reason for the model change was that Epson had to alter the magenta ink, doing so caused an issue with potential clogging so they coated the head to over come the issue.

The performance between the 2 are identical.

There have been some quirks with the ink protection software that could cause the end user grief on the 4480 platform.

Using the 4800 print engine is still desirable for these applications at this time since it's been put into practice for a few years now.

If there was an appreciable difference between the 2 print engines more energy would be directed toward it.

If your not going to be using Epson vivid M,C then there really is no advantage only potential problems with the ink counters.

So the 4800 will be the preferred print engine until the ink counter systems among other systems within become stable on the 4880.

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