Fast T-Jet Invalid Ink Cartridge

customerJanuary 28, 2009

Fast T-Jet repair and MaintenanceI am currently having troubles with my ink cartridges reading "Invalid Ink Cartridge". I am running CMYK/White Ink but the white ink is not yet installed. so it is currently filled with 50/50 cleaning solution. I just took all the cartridges out to clean the seals and to prepare for installing the white ink. I washed out my CMYK cartridges, with distilled water, filled them up with 50/50 solution, and reset the chips.

I have reset all the chips because I am going to discharge all 8 cartrdges and then do a initial fill, when I go to install the White ink. I put each cartridge in, pull the lever down and it keeps reading "Invalid Ink Cartridge." I have pulled them out several times to reset the chips, but the same error happens. These Ink cartridges worked perfect a few minutes before. Any Ideas?

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