Fast T-Jet Invalid Ink Cartridge

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Fast T-Jet repair and MaintenanceI am currently having troubles with my ink cartridges reading "Invalid Ink Cartridge". I am running CMYK/White Ink but the white ink is not yet installed. so it is currently filled with 50/50 cleaning solution. I just took all the cartridges out to clean the seals and to prepare for installing the white ink. I washed out my CMYK cartridges, with distilled water, filled them up with 50/50 solution, and reset the chips.

I have reset all the chips because I am going to discharge all 8 cartridges and then do a initial fill, when I go to install the White ink. I put each cartridge in, pull the lever down and it keeps reading "Invalid Ink Cartridge." I have pulled them out several times to reset the chips, but the same error happens. These Ink cartridges worked perfect a few minutes before. Any Ideas?

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Robin Kerekanic

Hi i have ast t-jet 1. I turned on the printer, printer loaded printhead it into position. One color light was on. I pressed INK and then the other two lights were on. And right after turning on and loading, all the color and error lights are on. Could you give me an advice please ? Is there a way to reset the chips? Thank you

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