Viper 2 Tutorial - Uncrating and Unpacking


A. Inspect the crate for signs of physical damage

1. If damage is noticed, note it as well as document it with pictures from a camera or cell phone.

2. This does not necessarily mean the equipment is damaged

B. Carefully look at the “Tilt Watch” indicator

1. This will be red if it has been tipped or jarred.

C. Tools required;

1. Razor knife or scissors

2. Phillips Screwdriver (or drill with Phillips bit or power screwdriver)

D. The crated weight of the machine is approximately 340lbs, and the machine itself is approximately 150lbs.

E. Remove the screws in the lid (top) of the crate.

F. Remove the top

G. Remove the surrounding contents of the crate (not the machine)

1. Compare the contents to your packing slip

a) Report any discrepancies to the shipping liaison

H. Remove from crate with the assistance of extra help

IMPORTANTDO NOT lift from front and/or back bed areas, be sure to lift from the sides of the machine

I. Be sure to place on an EXTREMELY sturdy table, that does not wobble nor shake, as this may compromise your prints

J. Carefully remove the wrapping and/or padding

K. Remove any/all tape from the machine

L. Remove the protective film on the top cover of the machine

M. Check the “shut off” valve on the waste bottle

1. Make sure it is all the way “open”  (the wheel is up at the top)


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