DTG Kiosk Fitting the Gap Sensor

Click here to download the procedure for fitting the Gap Sensor

DTG Kiosk Preparing for an Extended Shutdown

Transporting or Storing Your Printer It is extremely important you observe the following before transporting or an extended shutdown of your DTG Kiosk. Preparing the Printer for Transportation If the printer is to be transported over a long distance, and/or by a common carrier (where you cannot control the "care"...

DTG Kiosk Installing the WIMS Ancillary Board

To learn how to install WIMS to Kiosk, click here.  KIOSK PARTS HM1 PARTS INK  

Diagnosing a Clog in the Kiosk II

What I normally do is to try to isolate the issue from several possibilities to one. The only way to do that is to swap dampers. Follow these instructions to see if it is the damper or the print-head. Perform a nozzle check, and note the bad nozzle check and...

Download the Kiosk II Operation Manual

Download the Kiosk II Operation Manual

Setting up Your DTG Kiosk Checklist

Download the DTG Quick Set Up Guide Also, try downloading the DTG Kiosk BASICS Manual Start to Finish List of Setting Up Your DTG Kiosk (1) Inspect carton for damages. (2) Open carton. (3) Remove top cardboard and set aside. DO ONT DISCARD ANY PACKING MATERIALS (4) Inspect to make...

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