VIDEO DTG Kiosk Replacing the pump and capping station



The Kiosk Capping Station

The capping station provides an airtight seal over the face of the print head during cleaning or ink fill operations. It also keeps the head moist whilst the printer is off to prevent ink in the nozzles from drying whilst the printer is off. There are two sets of springs within the capping station. The first set is located just under the cap and provide a positive seating action for the cap. The second set is at the base of the capping station lever, this set ensures that the capping assembly is retracted from the print head when it leaves the capping station. 

capping station pic 1

The capping station's ability to provide an air tight seal against the print head face is extremely important to the operation of both the head cleaning and the printing process. Without this seal, it would be impossible to draw ink through the bulk ink delivery system and into the head.

capping station pic 2

When the head is in the capping station the cap covers the face of the print head and is held in place by spring tension. There are three phases to the capping process which are explained below.

(1) When the head assembly moves towards the left hand side of the printer and out of the capping station, the cap is moved by spring tension down and away from the print head.

(2) When the head moves into the capping station, the raising post (shown by the small red arrow in the center graphic) is pushed to the right causing the cap to lift up and towards the face of the print head.

(3) When the print head comes to rest in the extreme right hand position, the cap is engaged and held against the print head face by the pressure from the two cap springs.

capping station pic 3


Kiosk Capping Station Removal


Remove the right hand case part.

To remove the Kiosk capping station first take off the station inspection cover by removing the two cover screws ( a )

The capping station inspection cover can now be lifted out of position.

capping station pic 4

The capping assembly is held in place by two screws ( a ) and is centered in position by a locating stud.

Remove the screws and gently loosen the capping assembly. Do NOT pull the assembly out yet.

capping station pic 5

The capping assembly has two locating pins and a locking clip that anchor the left hand side of the assembly to the Kiosk frame.

The lower portion of the wiper assembly has a drip feature (see KIOSK PRIMARY INK PUMP TEAR DOWN) that protrudes downwards towards the capping assembly.

Use caution and GENTLY rock the capping station loose from the Kiosk.

capping station pic 6

The capping station is removed through the inspection hatch.

Disconnect the waste ink drain pipe from the head by holding the black pipe firmly and pulling on the nylon tube coupling.

The capping station can now be removed completely from the machine.

capping station pic 7


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