DTGT Kiosk Error eject is flashing


Error eject is flashing

DTG troubleshooting

Reasons and Solutions:

1. Flashing together with LED ink lights

DTG troubleshooting

**Data spooling is incomplete or interrupted. Power off and unplug to reset the printer.

**If resetting the printer did not solve the problem the encoder strip may be dirty. Clean the encoder strip with a damp cotton swab.

Prevention: Follow suggested maintenance routine.

**The print head or tray bed movement is being interfered with. Oil the print head carriage bars. Check the tray bed movement when loading and ejecting for friction or something foreign interfering.

Prevention: Follow suggested maintenance routine.

2. Flashing alternately with LED ink lights

**Waste Ink counter has exceeded its limit. Waste Ink counter needs to be reset.

3. Flashing with Power button

**Machine has been powered on with a print job in the print queue. Remove all jobs from the print queue and reset the printer.

4. Flashing rapidly

**This indicates something abnormal with the circuits. Contact your dealer for support.

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