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The Brother GT3 Garment Printer does a great job printing shirts. We wanted to show you how you can dramatically improve the quality output of your DTG printer simply by pretreating. The application and use of Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Pretreatment Formula will greatly enhance the prints off your Brother printer. This isn't just applicable to the newer GT3 series of printers, but also to the older GT541 and GT782 series. By using the LIGHT Shirt Formula with the older series, Image Armor LIGHT will help make your new or old printer look like it just started taking steroids with the increased color, vibrancy and detail you see as soon as you start printing.

Closeup of Brother GT3 Ink PretreatmentThis shirt was pretreated on the left hand side of the shirt while the right side of the shirt was left untreated. We applied the Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula at about 20 grams of pretreatment for a 14″x14″ area (35.5cm x 35.5cm). The pretreatment was heat set with two 20 second presses at 330F with high pressure using a silicone parchment paper and letting the steam out in between heat presses. The image was then printed and cured as normal on the Brother garment printer.

You can easily see the yellows are significantly more yellow and not “muddied”. The Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula helps hold the details and brings out the true colors and detail that just a plain 100% cotton shirt can not show.

If you really want to take your DTG prints to the next level, give the LIGHT Shirt Formula a try. It will help EVERY DTG printer on the market printing CMYK ink improve the quality, detail, and color fastness of the images. This will make your printer look even better than it ever could by itself. Click on the image at the right for a full size image to see the entire shirt and results of the LIGHT Shirt Formula.

Closeup of Brother GT3 Ink Pretreatment Full Size


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