Adjusting the platen height on the Brother GT-3


Adjusting the Platen Height

Under the Platen

1 Platen Fixing Lever Fixes the Platen

Tighten/Loosen this lever to install/uninstall the Platen and to adjust the Platen height. Move the Platen Height Adjustment Lever(2) to the A position in the right image and loosen the Platen Fixing Lever (1). When you pull out the Lever (1), you can turn it with no load so that move the Lever (1) to the easy-to-operate position. Then tighten the Lever (1) to fix the Platen.

2 Platen Height Adjustment Lever

Adjusts the Platen height. Leftmost "A" is the normal T-shirt position. Check the exact height with Platen Button on Control Panel when you print on thicker material. The adequate clearance between the Flap Sensor and the printed material is app. 2 mm. See "4-5. Placing the T-shirt on the Platen". Ink mist may spread inside the printer If you print with wider clearance, the ink mist will spread inside the printer and the printing material, and may damage the sensors.

3 Bush Platen Shaft

Fixes and holds the Platen.

4 Platen Positioning Plate

 Note: You can use Lower-the-Platen Assy (option) when you regularly print thicker material, which can lower the platen by 13 mm than the standard height.

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