Print Head Nozzle Check on Brother GT541


Learn how to clean the Print Head with Nozzle Checks on the Brother GT-541 Garment Printer

(1) Check the printed pattern to identify which Print Head has the problem.

      If there is stripes (arrow 1) or line breaks (arrow 2), the Print Head of the color (in the following example: Black) has the problem. The Print Heads need to be cleaned (see "7-2-2. Cleaning the Print Heads").

Article 21 Pic 1

7-2-4. Changing the Print Direction

When printing on the T-shirt made with high absorbent material such as ceramic fiber, horizontal stripes (changes their colors to 0.25 inches interval) may appear on the printed image. You can solve this problem using one-way print (Forward or Reverse print). Try printing with both "Forward" and "Reverse" and select the better one.

(1) Send the print data, which you want to print changing the print direction, to your printer.

(2) Press the OK Button to display the Menu Display.

Article 21 Pic 2

(3) Press the Up/Down Button to select "Print Direction", and then press the OK Button.

Select "Forward'/"Reverse"

The print direction has been changed and returns to Job/Status Display.


The print direction setting returns to its default (Bi-Directional) when your printer receives the new print data or once your printer turns off.

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