Freezing on the Anajet mPower


Guide to trouble shoot/fix carriage freezing issues.

There are many reasons that the print cairrage my freeze during printing - below are a list of reasons, starting with the simpler to fix reasons to the more complicated difficult issues.


Symptom Possible problem type Check/ Countermeasure
Printer freezes always at the same place (%) Problem with RIPed file Check the RIP queue - if the graphic in question shows "error" in the queue than this file will cause the printer to freeze
    Its possible that the ripped file shows "Success" in the rip queue but that there is still some bad data associated with this file. Try printer other files - if they print with no problem, then try to reRip the original file and see if it freezes or not. If it still freezes, then try to rescale the graphic slightly and try again
Printer intermittently freezes during print - May also print random artifacts Corrupted memory problem

Erase all the jobs from internal memory - if this does not work then replace the memory card inside the control panel

Printer freezes by the maintenance station after making the first pass Encoder reading problem Check to make sure the encoder strip is in the encoder reader - if it is not then place it back in the encoder reader on the back of the carriage
    If the encoder strip is in the encoder reader then conduct the following check - release the carriage -in the hidden menu under module tests select print head then select read carriage encoder - take note of the encoder number - then move the carriage to the opposite side and again encoder count - (you will have to clear the 1st count by hitting enter to clear the count pop up) - if the encoder count is not changing then try the following
    Make sure the lines on the encoder tape are in line with the encoder sensor. The sensor emitor should be roughly located on the middle of the widith of the black lines on the encoder tape. If the tape is to low or to high then the sensor is not seeing the lines. Adjust the hieght of the encoder tape or sensor so that they are centered.
    Replace or reseat the encoder cable from the encoder board to the main carriage board - if this does not resolve the issue then
    Replace the main carriage board
Printer freezes in roughly the same spot intermittently Encoder reading problem Clean the encoder and see if the problem persists
    Check the encoder, if there is a large scratch then replace the encoder and see if the problem persists.
Printer freezes intermittently - carriage remains locked Data transfer problem Check all connections to the carriage to make sure the connections are good.
    Try replacing the Ethernet cable if problem persists then
    Try replacing the USB cable if problem persist then
    Control panel
    USB/CAN bus board
    Main carriage control board
Printer freezes usually in the same spot - carriage remains locked Data transfer problem Change the Ethernet cable
    Then try pulling out all the print head control boards and check the connectors for damage - replaced damaged boards
    Replaced print head control boards one by one
Printer freezes - the carriage is somewhat free and will print if moved manually Motor problem Check the carriage motor connections to the carriage motion control board and all the connections to the main carriage control board
    Replace the carriage motor
Printer freezes and carriage moves erratically Driver problem Replace the carriage motion control board
The carriage does not move at all Driver problem Check to see if there is a light on the carriage motion control board - replace the carriage motion control board
    Check the power volts to make sure there is 36 V if not then replace the power supply.



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