AnaRIP software crashes after pressing print on the Anajet mPower


This guide goes over possible causes for instances when the software crashes while processing a file. This issue may happen when using Print to File or the Print button when connected directly to the printer.



  • AnaRIP will start processing the file and then it stops responding.
  • The Queue window for AnaRIP is displayed and the progress bar displays “Sending image to printer”.


Possible causes

  1. The printer may not be connected to the computer properly.
  2. If using the print to file function. Ensure the USB drive does not have corrupted files. Use the windows Disk check to verify.
  3. Ensure the complete directory path where the file is located and the file itself does not have any non-English accents/characters. For example E:\Diseños\anajet.png will make the RIP software crash because of the ñ character in the name of the directory.

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