Needle Plate-Pin Shift Assembly Replacement


3.7.1 Needle Plate-Pin Shift Assembly Replacement

Tools Needed:

(1) Begin by removing the ink bay cover.

(2) Remove the 4 screws holding the metal sheet to the bottom cover.

Ink Bay 1

(3) In order to replace the Needle Plate-Pin Shift Assembly, also known as the ink chip reader assembly, we must remove the Side back plastic guides first. The first plastic guide will have 1 screw in the front. With the screw removed, gently push down on the bottom cover and slide the black plastic guide out.

Ink Bay 2

(4) Unplug the cable connected to the chip reader and the tube, as well. The ink chip reader is held by 1 screw. Remove the screw and slide the chip reader to the left to release it.

Ink Bay 3

Ink Bay 4

(5) The rest of the black plastic guides will have the screws in between them. 

Ink Bay 5

(6) When you reach yellow and the first white, you will see the ink slot board attached to it. Remove all cables connected to it and gently push up on the board. The board is only attached to 4 small tabs located on the black plastic guides.

Ink Bay 6



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