Ink Needle Replacement

Ink Needle Replacement

Dean Armando

3.7.2 Ink Needle Replacement (CMYK)

Tools Needed:

Ink needles can be clogged with improper maintenance or inactivity. Ink will dry within the needle resulting in bad ink flow and poor printing results. Depending on which needle you are replacing, you may need to remove the ink bay cover. 

(1) Use a small flat head screwdriver to gently push out the tube connected and gently pull on the tube to release it.

Ink Replacement 1

(2) The needle is held by 2 Phillip screws; remove the screws and slide out the needle assembly.

Ink Replacement 2

Ink Replacement 3

When connecting the tube back, we recommend cutting the tip of the tube since it has been stretched. Connect the tube making sure it reaches the very end of the needle.

Ink Needle Valve Replacement (White)

Tools Needed:

  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • Black needle assy (mP-i series) (P/N: 150581-001)

(1) The white ink needle will have 2 tubes connected to it. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the tubing.

(2) The ink needle valves will have two phillip screws holding it down. Remove the chrome screws only to slide out the needle valve.

Ink Replacement 4

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