Emptying the ink waste tank on the Anajet Mpower


Remove the Waste Ink Drain Tube from the storage area located inside the printer.

Find a receptacle to hold the waste ink and place the non-coupler end of the waste ink tube and place it inside.

Insert the Waste Ink Drain Tube coupler into the Waste Ink Drain, on the back of the printer. It will click and lock into position.

Loosen the Black Plastic Cap on the top of the Waste Ink Tank. The waste ink will flow out of the Waste Ink Drain Tube. If the ink does not flow tilt the tank forward to help ink flow.

After draining, re-tighten the Black Plastic Cap on the top of the tank and remove the Waste Ink Drain Tube coupling by pressing down on the Waste Ink Drain release tab. Place a paper towel under the coupling when releasing to catch any ink left in it.

Return the Waste Ink Drain Tube to the storage area.

Dispose the ink according to your local regulations. Do NOT discard the waste ink into the city sewer.

Depending on your usage pattern, you should check the Waste Ink Tank level regularly, at least once a month. It is very important to empty the Waste Ink Tank before moving, transporting or shipping the printer.

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