Anajet mPower White Screen on Control Panel

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There are many reasons you may get the "white screen of death" on your Anajet mPower printer, however it is often when attempting to flash the firmware or after sending hundreds to thousands of designs to your printer to print.  It's really important to actually Format the SD card rather than just copy the firmware files to the sd card without formatting it first.  You HAVE to format the SD Card in FAT32 then copy version files after. 



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I have dealt with white screens and black screens. Most the time flashing the firmware has helped. Yes this usually begins after lots of print jobs being sent to the printer. After too many white and black screens flashing the firmware stopped working so I replaced my screen and that fixed the issue for now.


the screen of my mp5 is blank and does not respond what can I do I was working very well

Rhyeaul Cairwell

Good afternoon my mp10i display screen is stuck on blank white screen this happened before and I turned it off and on a couple times and it came back on but this time it hasn’t came back on and it’s been about 2 to 3 weeks

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